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Drivers and Configuration Utilities for Compaq/DIGITAL Alpha Systems Running Windows NT

See also Alpha Systems Firmware for system-specific drivers.

Hardware Configuration Management Utilities

  • DMAconf.EXE allows system managers to modify the DMA Mode settings on Alpha systems which use ARC firmware. ( file contains DMAconf.exe file)
  • NvBkup V1.1 allows the system managers of Alpha systems to save and restore their systems' AlphaBIOS or ARC firmware environments on floppy disks. This environment includes the Boot Selections and other items stored as AlphaBIOS or ARC firmware-level environment variables.
  • Mylex Configuration and flash Utility (NEW), replaces swxcrmgr.exe.
  • Adaptec Configuration Utility (aka SCSIselect)
  • Symbios Logic's ASPI32implementation for Windows NT on DIGITAL platforms does not require your SCSI adapters to be products from any specific vendor. Questions about either ASPI kits for Windows NT on Compaq/DIGITAL Alpha platforms can be directed to
  • PCITOOL V1.3 for Alpha and NT V4.0 and V5.0 PCI Configuration Utility. View and Modify (R/W registers only) all PCI device configuration registers across every bus.


  • UHAL. Allows a developer of a user-level application to access device hardware once the device registers have been mapped to the user level via a kernel-level device driver making use of the ZwMapViewofSection call.

Iomega Alpha Windows NT Software

Graphics adapters
Graphic adapters available from:


Hard Disk Utilities

  • ARCINST.EXE for all Alpha systems.This updated version corrects problems handling disk volumes larger than 2 GB, and allows the creation of non-system partitions.

SCSI controllers

Special Utilities

Performance Measurement

  • ACID V1.1 Provides ability to view Alpha 21164 (EV5) on-chip performance counters as well as PAL counters via Perfmon. Includes a Win32 application to control counter configuration settings.

AlphaBIOS Network Software


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