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Running OpenVMS VAX and ULTRIX RISC applications on Alpha

DECmigrate translates OpenVMS VAX and ULTRIX RISC applications into programs that run on Alpha! Regardless of the source language, you can run most user-mode, non-privileged applications on Alpha straight away – without disrupting your work environment and without waiting for the source code to be ported.

Two versions of DECmigrate are available:

DECmigrate for OpenVMS Alpha migrates OpenVMS VAX applications to OpenVMS Alpha. See anonymous ftp instructions
for downloading
DECmigrate for OpenVMS Alpha.
DECmigrate for DIGITAL UNIX migrates ULTRIX RISC applications from MIPS to Compaq's Tru64 UNIX. Click on mx.tar
to download
DECmigrate for DIGITAL UNIX.
The DECmigrate kits are offered free of charge for the convenience of our customers. No customer support is available.
You must read and accept the DECmigrate license
before downloading any DECmigrate files.

DECmigrate is a binary translator -- it converts a binary executable (that is, compiled) program for OpenVMS VAX or ULTRIX RISC on MIPS into a binary executable program optimized for OpenVMS Alpha or Compaq's Tru64 UNIX. To convert the code, DECmigrate works like a compiler: it uses the binary code for Alpha or MIPS as if it were source code and generates equivalent native Alpha binaries. The original and newly translated binaries are functionally the same, but the translated versions run faster, taking advantage of Alpha's superior performance.

Need assistance porting your applications?

If you are porting to... Check out these resources...
OpenVMS Alpha
from VAX/VMS
Refer to the VMS manual Migrating an Application from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha, Order Number: AA-QSBKB-TE.
Compaq's Tru64 UNIX from ULTRIX RISC on MIPS Refer to the Porting Assistant web site at http://www.digital.com/porting_assistant/
The Porting Assistant is a tool that helps application developers port their source code to Compaq's Tru64 UNIX from other UNIX and non-UNIX platforms.
Either platform Refer to the Compaq Solutions Alliance web site at www.compaq.com/csa/.

If you have questions about FreePort Express, send email to fpx-info@scrugs.lkg.dec.com.


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