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Running Solaris v1.n SPARC user applications on DIGITAL UNIX

With FreePort Express, you can move your custom Solaris v1.nSPARC environment...and your users...to Alpha with hardly a disruption!! Our free binary translator converts user applications for Solaris v1.n SPARC into functionally equivalent applications that run on Digital UNIX ... without doing a traditional port!!

FreePort Express features

Easy to use... FreePort Express operates like a compiler. Your translated SPARC application contains optimized Alpha code -- not interpreted or emulated code.
No source code required... You can translate without source code and without source language compilers so your executables can be up and running on Alpha in minutes! You can do a native port at your leisure.
Supports most nonprivileged user-mode executables... You can translate most nonprivileged user-mode executables and user shared libraries that run on Solaris v1.n (SunOS v4.1n). Included in this category are static and dynamic user executables and user shared libraries, as well as nearly all application programs that use Xview, Open Look, Motif, or other X11-based window managers.
Adjusts for differences between SPARC and Alpha architectures... FreePort Express automatically handles the changeovers from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture and from a big-endian to a little-endian architecture.
Includes documentation and support... Complete documentation comes with the kit and is also part of this web site. If you have technical questions or have problems with FreePort Express translations, you can send us email at fpx-bug@scrugs.lkg.dec.com.

FreePort Express can dramatically ease your migration to Compaq Tru64 UNIX workstations. Visit the Compaq workstation web site for all the information you need to get started on your road to Alpha!

If you have questions about FreePort Express, send email to fpx-info@scrugs.lkg.dec.com.


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