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Mirrored webpages - zxnet


FTP Mirrors

This is a selection of websites mirrored from the public internet mostly in the mid-2000s. Most of them have since gone down so they're made available here now to keep them accessible.

Index: Misc | Internet Software | Digital Equipment Corporation | DEC related pages | SGI | Compaq Computer Corporation | Microsoft Corporation Cavedog Entertainment | Unreal / Unreal Tournament | | Other Games | Software Development | Raw list of sites

Sites mirrored here which are still online are linked to directly (marked "online version"). If a site goes down this page will (eventually) be updated to point to the local mirrored copy instead. In a way its like a typical 90s website links page for which mirrors exist so the linked to resources will always be available (for at least as long as this page is)

Compaq Softpaq list (complete mirror)
Linux on Compaq Servers (latest version as of APR-2008)
NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk (Online version)
File areas at Dreamland BBS (Online version, only netware stuff mirrored)