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Quick Specs
Architecture: 586
CPU: Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K6
Video: S3 Trio64V2/GX
RAM: 256MB Max
Chassis: NLX low-profile desktop / short tower
Bus: 1* 16bit ISA, 1* PCI, 1* shared PCI/ISA (desktop), 2* PCI, 2* ISA, 1* PCI/ISA (short tower)
Operating System: Windows 95B, Windows NT 4.0

Digital Venturis FX-2 / Digital PC 3100

The Venturis FX-2 was announced on 7 May 1997 replacing the earlier and virtually identical looking Venturis FX (which itself replaced the Venturis). For some absurd reason on 20 October 1997 DEC announced they were moving to more generic and un-googleable (un-altavistaable?) brand names for their PC products with the Digital Venturis FX-2 being renamed to the Digital PC 3100.

Main Differences from the Venturis FX

Feature FX FX-2
Chipset SIS Intel 430TX
Memory 6x 72pin EDO 3x SDRAM
CPU Pentium PentiumMMX or AMD K6
Graphics S3 Trio64V+ 1MB EDO S3 Trio64V2/GX 1MB SGRAM

Operating System, Documentation & Pre-loaded Software

Media & Documentation These machines originally shipped with either Windows NT Workstation 4.0, or Windows 95 OSR2 (4.00.950 B, CD-ROM 0796 Part No. 000-45234). The Windows 95 CD is a regular unmodified Microsoft OEM one. Even machines delivered in late 97/early 98 appeared to use OSR 2 with USB support delivered via the USB Supplement to OSR2 on the System Software CD

I've only got an FX-2 media kit, but the PC 3100 should be much the same - just a different label and newer versions of some of the drivers. The included media was:

The System Software CD is just a CD full of the driver versions current at the time of issue. You can almost certainly get newer drivers from either the FX-2 Drivers Page or the PC 3100 Drivers Page (that pages title is wrong). Both pages likely contain largely the same content as the PC 3100 and FX-2 are the same machine. The latest drivers and documentation for the DE450 and other DEC NICs can be found here.

Below are a few files recovered from the OEM install on my PC 3100 which may be of interest:

Software in the Digital start menu folder lived in the following locations. The Installer column gives what should be the location on the Venturis FX-2 System Software CD (AG-R4STD-BH above):

Start Menu Entry Target Installer
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > ClientWORKS Help C:\Windows\Winhlp32.exe C:\Client~1\LiveLINK\BIN\LIVELINK.HLP \APPS\CW\
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > ClientWORKS MIFMaker V2.0 C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\mifmkr32.exe
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > ClientWORKS Read Me C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\Client~1\LiveLINK\README.TXT
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > DMI Local Browser C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\LiveLINK.exe
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > DMI Remote Browser C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\LiveLINK.exe /network=yes
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > Registry Instrumentation Initializer C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\Regcisu.exe
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > Run SMART at StartUp C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\smart.exe
Programs > Digital > ClientWORKS > Set ClientWORKS Information C:\Client~1\Livelink\Bin\SETLI.exe
Programs > Digital > Installable Options > Acrobat Reader 3.01 > Acrobat Reader 3.01 Setup C:\Options\Reader\Ar32e301.exe or \APPS\ACROBAT
Programs > Digital > Installable Options > Universal Serial Bus > USB Readme C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\Options\USB\usb.txt ?
Programs > Digital > PC Care > Diagnostics C:\Diag\PCCare\Addiag.exe \APPS\WIN95\PCCARE
Programs > Digital > PC Care > Manager C:\Diag\PCCare\Pccare.exe
Programs > Digital > PC Care > Readme File C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\Diag\PCCare\README.TXT
Programs > Digital > Desktop Wellness C:\Digital\Dsktpwln\Present.exe ERGON.IWM \APPS\WELLNESS
Programs > Digital > Digital Read Me C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\DIGITAL\README.TXT \HELP
Programs > Digital > Using your computer C:\Windows\Winhelp.exe C:\DIGITAL\USING.HLP

Additional Photos

Inside Rear

In The Collection

Name Model RAM CPU HDD CD-ROM Cards Condition/notes
PC 3100 5200ML 32MB PentiumMMX 200MHz WD Caviar 22000 2GB Digital DE450 NIC Working 1/02/2024. Received without PSU, seized CPU fan, no CMOS battery. Case is yellowed. Now has the PSU from the FX-2 and new Startech S7/370 cooler. Hard disk had original OEM install of Windows. First boot by original owner was 4 March 1998 and last boot was 5 July 2003 at 7:26:20am
Model FR-DBD5W-W0
FX-2 Dead. Owned since before 2004. Never worked as long as I've owned it - don't recall issue. PSU moved to the PC 3100
No PSU, No CPU, No RAM, No cards, No drives. Case de-yellowed via the sun (trial run before subjecting anything else to this method). Model FR-DZA01-K2.

Documentation & Drivers

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